In spite of 30mph crosswinds all day, 19 volunteers accomplished everything we hoped to! We worked a Bobcat to death, and were lucky Matthew Turnage was able to get a second unit out to us getting the 26 holes bored out. 

As best I can see we got the following done:

• Assembled, stained and placed two picnic tables;

• Established a new entrance off of the road; sealed old one. The new entrance is much more accessible and looks great!

• Placed runway pattern markers around the windsock. We choose to install it showing traditional left hand pattern to work with a noise issue with neighbors. Trigger Gap Safety Briefing.

• Replaced fire pits with an incredible, professional fire pit! Thanks Justin Shockley for your leadership and your team’s help here. The pulled roast pork was pretty amazing also!

• Positioned ten 4×4 posts with lantern hooks to allow hammocks to tie to adjacent trees;

• Split and stacked enough firewood to cover the need for the season;

• Buried eight tie-downs, creating two separate “cable” airplane tie-downs.

The RAF thanks to all the hardworking volunteers. You’ve done a lot to make Trigger Gap a more desirable destination!

Submitted On April 14, 2017.

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