RAF Vermont State Liaison Bob Burley hitchhiked a ride in a stunningly-restored Lockheed 12A Electra to AOPA’s regional Fly-In at Plymouth, MA in July. The aircraft was an attractive discussion-starter, and Bob says, “the RAF orange worked its magic, too.” The event gave Bob a chance to reconnect with AOPA’s Dave Hirschman and discuss upcoming RAF projects with New England FAA and State aviation officials.  

“I’ve experienced exotic cars, over-the-road trucks and trains, but this was by far my best ride ever,” Bob says of the journey in the classic. Vermonters Yon and Uwanna Perras completed the 20,000-hour restoration, winning EAA Grand Champion honors. The aircraft flies out of a 2,200′ grass strip that is now open for public use thanks to Vermont’s recreational use statute that includes non-commercial aviation. The RAF led the effort to add aviation and was successful in 2011. 

Submitted on October 28, 2014.

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