“Thanks to a group of thirteen volunteers, we were able to have a successful RAF work party,” Brian Thomas, RAF Connecticut Liaison reported of the June 23 gathering at the Waterbury Airport, N41. He reports that the airport owners are very appreciative of the collective efforts from the local pilot community to keep Waterbury looking good through the summer flying season. 

“Planes have been rolling on this emerald strip of grass nestled in the quiet rolling hills of Connecticut since 1926. In fact if you could have been here in 1936 you would have been able to get a ride with Clarence Chamberlin in his Curtiss Condor for only a dollar,” Thomas says. To preserve its appeal, in 2023 he applied for and was awarded an RAF grant for improvements including a low-maintenance composting outhouse, picnic tables, several park style barbecue grills and upgrades to the two existing fire pits. Volunteers had previously added tent platforms and stocked plenty of firewood.

The recent work party was plagued by heat and “pop-up” thunderstorms but the group accomplished many tasks. They did all the weed whacking requested by the owners, and mowed around fire pits and tent platforms, making them safe to use for the season. Some spread wood chips along the stairway to the airfield and sprayed weeds. An outhouse gutter was installed for rainwater collection. They cleaned all the picnic tables and outhouse woodwork, and installed the new composite floor in the shower. 

“Thank you to all the volunteers that showed up and braved the elements! We could not have done it without you,” Thomas added. Future work parties to finish the last few tasks will be posted on the RAF Event Calendar. 

For more information on Waterbury, see the Airfield Guide.

Submitted on June 27, 2024
By Carmine Mowbray


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    Nice job Brain and friends..

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