We’d like to direct you to Levi Armichardy’s beautifully written essay in this issue of Idaho Magazine.

He writes of joining his dad on a horseback ride trailing pack mules 26 miles into Moose Creek Forest Service Ranger Station in the middle of Idaho’s Selway–Bitterroot Wilderness. There’s a historic turf airstrip there, too, and if you’ve been there, you have an idea why it’s worth the effort to preserve. 

Levi writes of their trail ride among canyons lined with Douglas Fir, Ponderosa, cedar and syringa, mountain ash, and serviceberry. “The wind carries a cacophony of scents: trees, plants, river, and earth mingle with the ever-present smells of equines. Life is fine.”

At day’s end, Levi continues, “On the airstrip, the horses and mules graze peacefully, tails swishing, feet stomping, mouths grinding … A sense of peace and calm comes over me.”

The RAF has worked hard in cooperation with our friends at the Forest Service to retain access for those arriving by aircraft so you, too may land, set up your tent and enjoy the evening’s symphony of crickets, and share Levi’s sense of peace and calm.

Submitted on June 11, 2024.
By Carmine Mowbray

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