It took two years, but we finally got Wisconsin’s Recreational Use Statute (RUS) amended to include noncommercial aviation. The new language protects owners of private airstrips. There are 177 private airports in the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics database and many more that have not been registered with the FAA.   

The RAF wishes to thank a number of these private airstrip owners, especially Don Kiel for working hard contacting many Wisconsin State representatives.  Also helpful was Jonathon Harger, Political Affairs Director of EAA in Oshkosh who testified at hearings for both legislative houses.  The bill was sponsored by Senator Joe Leibham (R) in the Senate and Representative Paul Tittl (R) in the Assembly, and garnered bi-partisan support. Governor Scott Walker signed the bill April 17th in the Capital Office.

– Contributed by RAF Wisconsin Liaison Chuck Aldrian

Submitted on April 18, 2014.

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