RAF Washington State Ambassador Ray Ballantyne reports that Washington State Department of Aviation and the RAF joined together to perform the annual cleanup of Stehekin State Airport, 6S9, in the North Cascades National Park in June. 

Paul Wolf, State Airport Manager and his wife Deanna arrived by helicopter because there is no road access to this settlement above the north end of Lake Chelan. One can take a ferry from the town of Chelan up the 55 mile long lake. “Lisa and I joined the workers including Jim Courtney who helps with irrigation and mowing,” Ballantyne said, adding, “Natural Resource Manager Vicki Gempko came to visit.”

Volunteers filled holes, cut tree sprouts, weed whacked, and removed rocks. Supplies were brought to put in a new aircraft tiedown, and the windsock was replaced. The outhouse was also throughly cleaned.

“A fine time was had by all,” Ballantyne said, “and after the tasks were completed, we had a fine lunch at the Bakery followed by a stop at beautiful Rainbow Falls.” 

For information on Stehekin, see the Airfield Guide.

Submitted on July 28. 2022.


  1. Roy Henderson on August 1, 2022 at 8:52 am

    Stehekin sits at the head of Lake Chelan, one of the most spectacular lakes in the U.S., and at the foot of the North Cascade Mountains. You will not find a more beautiful place to visit.

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