Surprised?  So am I.  Over ten years ago, six individuals sat around a campfire and concluded that something needed to be done to save recreational and backcountry airstrips as well as the unique opportunities they provide. This month marks our ten year anniversary since the RAF officially incorporated.  Our surprise comes from the fact that we never really dreamed so many of you would share our concern; it’s funny how that has worked out. That original group of six has multiplied 1000 times to nearly 6000 members. Thank you for the strong showing of interest, involvement and financial support over these last ten years.

Now we’re really going to work!  And, we’re asking you to help us with our building campaign. Don’t worry, the RAF is not breaking ground on a headquarters or even expanding the infrastructure of the organization.  What we want is to build is a stronger community of supporters – people like you who have been willing to bring us this far. Quite frankly, we need money to do that.

Today the RAF has a voice that counts; one that congressional decision makers want to hear. A voice that is respected by public land managers in the United States Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management as well as with state land managers and private airstrip owners from Maine to Florida, from Washington to California and all points in between. You and your organization have made a difference and you should be proud.

Whether it is our network of state liaisons or our science and environmental committee, the RAF is fortunate to have the best crew of volunteer folks that any organization could expect to have. We just need more like them doing more good and while these fine individuals donate their time and effort, it just takes real money to support their activities – dollars that come from you.

We know this time of year brings a lot of requests for your donation dollars.  We hope you will take a strong look at the RAF and ask yourself: Is this something I believe in?  Is this something that gives me good value for my donation? Are they getting things done?  Our website lists some of our recent successes.  I hope you will take the time to review them.  We think you will agree that things are getting done – recreational aviation opportunities are growing at an exciting pace.

So here is your RAF at the 10th year anniversary. We need you now more than ever.  You should know that we take your investment in the RAF serious. Should you have any questions, the names and phone numbers of your RAF directors are listed on this website, just click here. We always want to know how you feel, and what we need to do to continue earning both your financial assistance and your willingness to encourage your friends to join the RAF.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you out there soon.

John McKenna

Submitted on December 27, 2014.

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