When I think about how the RAF functions, the methods of the life insurance salesperson surface now and then. What’s that got to do with a little nudge? In my professional life, politely providing useful information got me and my client to a desired positive outcome. How do you help someone see a new point of view? Not with a big shove of expectations. And, when they do, isn’t it rewarding if they feel it was their idea all along?

Most of us simply don’t react in a desired manner when we sense we are being shoved in a direction. The gentle nudge nets better results, even if it requires lots of patience. When we look at the RAF culture, it’s pretty nudgey. We ask people to help us accomplish a goal – maybe all of it, or a part of it. Our style was born out of necessity because we started asking for help from folks who didn’t yet know much about us, who wondered if we’d be around long enough to fulfill our promises and become a serious organization. With your help and 20-plus years in the rearview mirror, we have checked those boxes.

Like a tugboat, the RAF goes out to meet the larger vessel that’s approaching the harbor. There is a plan as to where they will connect, and where they need to go. Some will pull, and others will push, but all will do so with a gentle touch to complete the mutual goal effectively. The best part is that better results happen when we have a common objective.

To believe in what you’re attempting to accomplish, while hearing and integrating the concerns and comments of your audience, is truly inspiring. It follows that when that moment arrives when you find that common ground, it is pure good. It is then that you know the gentle nudging has worked. You are no longer selling your ideas, but rather you are now working toward a shared goal with your partner. 

That is the RAF Way.

– John McKenna, RAF Chairman

Submitted on March 8, 2024.

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