AOPA’s Summit was a huge success and the Recreational Aviation Foundation now can boast supporters in all 50 states. Jack Dixon of Haiku, Hawaii enthusiastically signed up, and while visiting informed the group that he had attended school with RAF co-founder Karl Spielman in Alaska. Jack currently owns a pair of Cessna 182s.

The two round tables hosted by the RAF during Thursday’s Dine-Around were the life of the party. George and John Kounis of Pilot Getaways magazine and RAF president John McKenna and his wife Tricia entertained guests hailing from Florida, Texas, Washington state and California. Table talk centered around flying and wines, but the RAF hosts managed to toss in some fun and a raffle for a mens’ and a ladies’ vest emblazoned with the RAF logo.

Traffic past the RAF booth was brisk, and just under 300 new supporters demonstrated that the RAF mission is important to them.

Submitted on November 13, 2010.

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