AOPA’s CEO Mark Baker, and regional managers Tom George, Sean Collins, Jared Esselman, Warren Hendrickson and Steve Hedges all made great comments during Thursday evening’s Fire Hub Chat Oct. 20. Melissa McCaffrey was working with Hawaii’s legislature and could not attend.

Mark led off by joshing with John McKenna, then expressed his fondness for the RAF and his sincere appreciation for its efforts. He outlined successes the AOPA has made that benefit GA. “We share the same sky,” he said, adding, “AOPA and the RAF are joined at the hip on their efforts to make GA safer, stronger, affordable and fun.”

The AOPA reps and RAF Liaisons shared experiences working with state legislatures and land owners and managers. John Nadeau gave an update on Recreational Use Statutes, and a progress report on the upcoming RAF’s “Guide for the Private Airfield Owner.”

Sarah wrapped up, reflecting on the repeated themes of the importance of relationships. “I heard that there is so much more we can do together. Being a unified voice, we are stronger together.”

Submitted on October 28, 2016.

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