RAF Oregon Liaison Richard Mayes and wife Sarah, an RAF Vice President of Appreciation, report a successful fly-in event at Nehalem Bay State Airport (3S7) July 26-28.

This year’s event saw 25 attendees in 18 aircraft taking advantage of the weekend’s lovely sunny weather. Most camped overnight and enjoyed Nehalem Bay State Park, the adjoining town of Manzanita, and the beautiful Oregon coast beaches. A popular walk was along the beach into town to enjoy Tillamook ice cream.

“I was particularly gratified that a number of attendees commented on how welcoming everyone was,” Richard said. “Two young lady pilots were experiencing their first airfield camping event. They were both very motivated and stated that they hope to attend more RAF activities,” he added.

A potluck barbecue on Saturday night featured Sarah’s well loved dry-rubbed pork ribs, augmented by delicious side dishes attendees brought to share. “Pat and Terry Muffett provided a seemingly unlimited supply of firewood and popcorn for the community bonfires as we viewed the passing of the International Space Station through crystal clear night skies,” Richard said, adding, “We look forward to getting together again next year.”

Submitted on July 29, 2019

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  1. Abbie Dus on August 2, 2019 at 3:44 am

    Hi Rich and Sarah, this is Abbie:

    My sister Emmy and I had an awesome time at the camp in, and would definitely love to come next year(:
    I wish there was some way to show how nice the weather was, and how bright the stars were the night we stayed….with a completely clear sky too!

    Nehalem Bay is an awesome spot and a perfect choice for a campout, thanks for making our first campout memorable: we look forward to future camping trips for sure!

    take care,

    – abbie dusciuc

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