Recreational Aviation Foundation Calif. state Liaison Rick Lach was warmly welcomed by the Del Amo flying club at the Palos Verde golf club for its May dinner meeting. Mitch Taylor, Program Director for the group, flies a Grumman Tiger out of Torrance, and introduced Lach.

After the presentation on the RAF and its goals, there were comments about the Sierra mountain strips that had been closed – Wonderful-sounding places like Monache Meadows, Coyote Flats, Tunnel Meadows and Templeton Meadows; the last two were officially closed when the wilderness surrounding them was created. 

“Our club is growing, and it’s great to see younger, new members taking an interest,” Taylor said. “Some of our members definitely take an interest in the backcountry kind of flying.”

He thanked Lach for his presentation on the RAF and both look forward to potential collaboration. “We would welcome support from those who appreciate our mission,” Lach said, adding, “We appreciate learning of any potential locations that could become recreation flying destinations.”

Submitted June 5, 2013.

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