The RAF is fortunate to have a deep bench of professional financial planning talent, coordinated by Steve Maus, CLU, MSFS, and Chartered Advisor of Philanthropy. We are here to learn what is important to you in your legacy planning. Last December, the RAF began sharing a series of planned giving ideas to help you take advantage of tax benefits while helping your favorite charity. 

Beginning with CPA Bruce “Sparky” Parker’s helpful list, our Mid-Month emails continued with Steve’s descriptions of other topics we think you will find useful. You can even specify an RAF project if you wish!

IRA/401k Qualified Charitable Distributions – Naming the RAF as a full or partial beneficiary can save estate and income taxes.  

Publicly Traded Stock – Contribute appreciated stock and enjoy immediate tax savings: a charitable deduction of its current market value; and an exemption from capital gains tax on its appreciation.

Life Insurance Policy – Name a full or partial beneficiary and enjoy a tax deduction for the amount contributed, as well as the annual premium.

The Beneficiary of your Will – You can designate the RAF as beneficiary of all, or part of your estate after other bequests are fulfilled. 

Charitable Split Interest Trust– Tax benefits and the potential of higher retirement income, while fulfilling your legacy wishes.

These ideas will work for any of your favorite charities. If you wish to include the RAF, we are standing by to help! If you have any questions about the options we have discussed, email

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