Join the RAF for a series of Fly-ins at Creighton Island airfield in Georgia. Come enjoy one of the special recreational airfields the RAF has helped preserve. Most of the island is undeveloped and remains much as it was in the Civil War era. Fly-ins will be the fourth weekend of every month, beginning April 27-29, and ending September 28-30. This airfield is ONLY open for scheduled fly-ins.

“We have very few places in the Southeast like Creighton Island,” RAF Ambassador Eric Davis said. As former Georgia Liaison, Eric continues to work to ensure that this airfield remains available to pilots who appreciate what the William’s family has agreed to share. ”My hope is that more pilots will discover this great place and take an interest in helping maintain and preserve this great place,” he added.

Enjoy hiking, exploring, kayaking, canoeing and bird-watching. If you’re so inclined, bring work gloves and you can assist with maintenance. Visit nearby St. Simon’s and the Jekyll Islands: and

There are three cabins with six bunks each — first come, first served. There are unlimited tent spots, meal pavilion, hot showers, potable water and fire ring. There is no electricity. Meals are on-your-own. There are limited propane stove burners and plenty of meal-prep space in the pavilion.

Prior to flying in, you must read and acknowledge the pilot safety briefing here: Locate Creighton via the map (the only strip shown on the Georgia coast) or enter “Creighton” in the search field. Several tabs with all the airstrip details will appear, including the briefing. You are required to enter your tail number after reviewing the briefing, indicating your acknowledgement of its contents.

The text of the Creighton Island Safety Briefing is also available on the RAF website:

There is no fee to attend, however donations to cover costs of consumables (fuel, toilet paper, site upkeep) are welcomed.

Mark your calendar, and join us on these Fly-In weekends! Check the Airfield.Guide website for last-minute updates regarding field condition, or weather cancellations at

Submitted on April 18, 2018

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