We’ve all heard that “Great minds think alike.” In the later part of 2023 the RAF sent our Supporters and Volunteers a survey. It was a first for the RAF, and we were gratified that you responded in such large numbers. What you told RAF leadership proved valuable. We saw that the survey results seem to suggest that great minds think alike.

One has to always be on guard about the ever-present trap of not believing your own “you know what”. So hearing from you through your survey comments does help guide your RAF. 

Our shared concerns are what drive us, such as your awareness of the increasing pressure on public lands, and the etiquette of accessing and enjoying them. 

Your answers support our own thinking on private lands, too, and suggest we need to keep our eye on opportunities that present themselves to the RAF. Private lands require special tools, different from our approach on public lands. Understanding and respecting the wishes of the individuals who own these special places, and for sure, figuring out the financial models that will sustain them.

The place we heard you the loudest revolves around how we’ve all built this organization. That being around a bunch of folks who care about the volunteer nature of the RAF, sticking to our knitting (mission) and caring for each other as a family.

In closing this month, I trust you will continue – as you have in the past – to advise us of opportunities, and alert us to threats both internal and external. Out West, there’s this saying: “When you’re leading the herd, turn around now and then to make sure that they’re still following you.” The survey results suggest most are still following, and I am happy to report the herd size is growing.

We’ll do our best to hear you and rather than leave stragglers behind, let’s all work together to gather them up. We’re so much better together.

– John McKenna, RAF Chairman

We’re sharing the entire survey with you. You’ll see results from both Donors and our Key Volunteers. You’re welcome to click here to see them.

Submitted on April 12, 2024.

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