We are pleased to announce this year’s RAF Founder’s Cap Raffle winner – longtime RAF supporter Dr. Bill Gallea of Helena, MT. 

He was delighted to win the Zulu2 and the Sierra headsets, his preferred brand. Here’s what Bill said, and it would be hard to put it in better words:
“I am thrilled to have won the LightSpeed headsets.  I have tried them on; they fit beautifully; and I am completely confident that they will serve me, Jeanne, and our passengers very well.  I look forward to flying with them! With this new headset I now have the top-of-the-line of my favorite headset maker . . . and a great headset for my passenger.   Wonderful day!    Thanks so much to the RAF for all it has given to aviation.  And thanks to you all for your leadership of the RAF!”

It should be noted that his wife, Jeanne MacPherson is the RAF Safety and Education Coordinator.

LightSpeed Aviation has been a good friend to the RAF for many years and we appreciate their generous help this year.  

Submitted on April 19, 2014.

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