New Zealand Pilot meets the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) at Idaho Aviation Trade Show

Cessna 180 owners Beverley and Graeme Prankerd from Straford, New Zealand joined Recreational Aviation Foundation friends at the Idaho Trade Show in Idaho Falls, Idaho the weekend of May 20th and 21st.   The Idaho Aviation Trade Show was hosted by Aero Mark FBO of Idaho Falls and Bob and Jane Hoff.

The trip over the pond was encouraged by RAF supporter and 180 pilot, Mike Todd of Yelm, Washington.  Upon arrival Beverley and Graeme found they were among friends in Idaho.  Jack Kotaki of the Idaho Aviation Association (IAA) took on the role as official host.

Without a doubt Graeme and his wife Beverley got the award for traveling the farthest, but except for the slight New Zealand accent, they fit right in.  A great weekend and a wonderful venue for the event – thank you Bob and Jane for putting the event together.

The RAF sponsored a booth at the tradeshow.  RAF supporters John McKenna (President), Tricia McKenna (Administrative Director), Jerry Cain (Director) and Carl Hicks (RAF Member) staffed the booth.  The RAF thanks everyone who stopped by the booth and again thanks you for your support.  Quoting RAF President, “It is always great going to these shows and reconnecting with old friends and meeting new friends.  It always amazes me to see how much support the RAF has out there.”

Submitted on May 22, 2011.

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