RAF Kentucky Liaison Jeff Smith reports that volunteers served 150 brats and nine gallons of ice cream at the RAF-supported August 12 Sinful Sunday ice cream social fly-in at Lee Bottom (64I). This beautiful grass airfield is open for public-use and lies along the Ohio River six air miles south of Hanover, IN.

“We had to stop counting aircraft at over 100 because we were so busy!” Jeff said, since he was too busy serving folks to leave the tent. Bill McCormick managed the crowd along with Jeff’s wife Anne, while Mike Greco (in blue apron) grilled the brats. 

“It was a great day with more aircraft and pilots than have been to Lee Bottom in years,” Jeff reports. 

Thanks to all the donations, Jeff estimates that after expenses, a generous amount will go to the Lee Bottom Aviation Refuge, the nonprofit that helps maintain the airfield. In addition, several folks joined or renewed their support for the RAF. 

Submitted on August 19, 2018

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