Libby Maus

Libby Maus – daughter, sister, wife, mother, and educator.  “I’ve enjoyed it all,” she says.  Her spirit of adventure has taken her to ski hills, lakes and rivers, hunting grounds and “outdoor vacations”.  She is always happy to meet you and hear about you and your life, as well as share her own experiences.

Libby began life in Hot Spring County, Arkansas, and lived in eight cities and towns before attending Southern Methodist University in Dallas.   Then, she and her husband Steve have lived in five cities and towns in Texas in the past 50 years.   Libby is no stranger to making friends and learning her way around geographically.  “However, traveling in a single engine plane seemed scary,” she says.

 When Steve bought his first personal aircraft, Libby decided she would be much more comfortable traveling with him by air if she knew how to fly, land, and navigate.  She began flying lessons with Dave Boyd in the Bozeman area.  “He gave me the knowledge and confidence to continue flying, as a right seater, Steve’s co-pilot, and to enjoy flying with Steve in many situations,” she says.  The Maus’s have flown their 182 all around the Cascade Mountains and mountains of Montana, as well as from North Texas to the Ozark Mountains, and back to Bozeman. 

“Having watched longtime, dear friends create a foundation – the RAF – has been totally amazing,” Libby says.  “The McKennas’ passion and hard work for the missions of the RAF is the kind of emotion and behavior that our country’s citizens need to embrace.”  Libby adds that she also is impressed with the others who have been on the ground level of creating the RAF.   “My love of God, country, family, and friends has grown by association with the RAF.”

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