Our good friends at Lightspeed Aviation have put together a survival preparedness series. We wanted to share it with you because safety is of the utmost importance in our flying. Check out their survival gear contest and their informative news posts.


This month’s newsletter highlights the importance of aviation survival preparedness with three stories from our Survival Series. We rounded up a few of the most recent posts from our blog site that cover technology and best practices for aviation safety. Also, be sure to check out the Lightspeed Survival Gear Contest that ends on February 28th – and see who we have on our celebrity judge panel!

We are excited to deliver these informative and fun news stories to our readers and hope you enjoy them. Comment and share with all your friends! 

You’ve Made an Off-Airport Landing – Now What?
As pilots, we train for emergencies that may lead to making an unexpected landing in an unexpected place. With sharp skills, good flight planning, a positive attitude, and a little luck, we make a survivable landing in a place that may be very remote. The next question is, what do you do next?

Off-Airport Landings
So you have done your job as a pilot and prepared for the worst by staying proficient in power-off landings, having a well-thought-out survival kit, and learning some basic survival skills. Good preparation involves a bit more when the landing choices are less than ideal.

 The Technology of Last Resort
As pilots, we are trained to overcome adversity in the cockpit. However, best efforts in the cockpit sometimes result in an off-field landing over remote or inhospitable terrain. Once on the ground, the most pressing issue becomes a swift rescue – and reliable technology.

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