Grandma’s cooking was the best. It might have been the meatloaf, could have been her chicken soup she served when you weren’t feeling good; or was it the hot bread or chocolate cake fresh out of the oven? No matter which, it was always just right. So you dug into her old recipe box, hoping that you, too, could use her formula to produce those wonderful things for the next generation.  

But her notes on those dog-eared recipes didn’t quite make sense.

  • Butter the size of an egg (no mention of how big an egg)
  • A pinch of this
  • A dash of that
  • About so much of another
  • Bake til done

What the notes didn’t need to say was it was all put together with what she had available at the time. If something were missing, her experience told her what to use as a substitute. Finally, it was all mixed up with care and love. 

In short, it was made from scratch.

Pretty much the same here at The RAF. Twenty years ago we started to fill up our own recipe box with some things that we thought folks might like. Like Grandma, we do a lot of our mixing and cooking by trial and error, using the ingredients at hand.

  • Passion, as much as you can get in
  • A pinch of cash
  • A dash of naïveté 
  • About so much smarts
  • Bake til done (Adjusting the temperature as needed)

So like Grandma’s recipes, The RAF has been built from scratch. Our work was not always perfect, but it was done with what we had at hand, with as much passion as we could get in.

I bet if Grandma were starting over today, she’d take advantage of modern conveniences, like readily available fresh ingredients, mixers that mix, and stoves that cook evenly and precisely each time.

It is the same here at The RAF. We are always trying fresh ways of doing things to accomplish the mission – to be more targeted and accurate to help us serve all who sit at The RAF table.

And just like your grandma, we’ll do our best to continue to mix the ingredients with care, because we think stuff is just better when made from scratch.

-John McKenna

Submitted June 6, 2023

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