Sat on Santa’s lap, did you? And what did you ask him for?

Here’s what I hope we find under the RAF tree. I hope it’s a big box all perfectly wrapped, full of opportunity. Yup, just one thing. Opportunity. The gift that opens doors and motivates us to do something with what we are given.

I look forward to the opportunity to get out into the backcountry, sit around a campfire, meet new folks, and make a handful of new friends. And what I really hope for is the continued opportunity to accomplish more of what the RAF has been doing these past twenty years. Opportunity to find a few more special places that can benefit from the collective desire and all our efforts to make our little corner of aviation just a little better.

I also hope we have more opportunities to demonstrate we are good stewards, respectful visitors to the places we love, and people whom others want to be like. That’s good for aviation and good for the RAF.

I don’t think asking for opportunity is asking too much. But when presented, it needs to be carefully nurtured, enjoyed, and above all, approached with humble appreciation.

My mother always made us kids say, “Thank you” for gifts before we could use them. Made us write a note of appreciation. The RAF Way is to do the same.

So happy holiday season! I hope we get that big present of opportunity. And above all as we close out this twentieth year, the RAF will do its very best to say, “Thank you” for this privilege called aviation, and your part in it – and do it all the RAF Way.

– John McKenna, RAF Chairman


  1. Mike Todd on December 23, 2023 at 9:20 pm

    Well said,John. And thank you and Tricia for taking the lead. The people of the RAF are a great group of people. And as we saw at Moose Creek, it’s mostly a group of self-starters who don’t usually need to ask what they should do, they just join in and do it. But like that camp fire you talk about, someone has to start it, and you have done a remarkable job of that. Thank you.

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