In camp chairs circling the fire pit in NW Montana, the entire Recreational Aviation Foundation board advanced their strategic planning during a two-day working board meeting recently. Enjoying backcountry flying at their own expense, the board arrived from their respective homes as far away as Wyoming, New Mexico, Florida and Washington, D.C.

Having climbed above 4,000 members, the board reiterated the importance of deliverables, communication and accountability to the growing list of nationwide supporters.

State Liaisons are reporting in from over 20 states, with exciting developments advancing recreational flying.  The efforts of State Liaisons are truly the grassroots of the RAF.

Fundraising is key to success and the board agreed that this year’s traditional year-end appeal letter will be filled with this year’s accomplishments.  The popular founder cap raffle will continue.  The board is very excited to launch the Fire Hub project which provides a reliable source of funds and new opportunity for sponsors – corporate and individual – to have their message “etched in stone” in support of recreational aviation.

See you at AOPA Summit!

You’ll see hardworking RAF volunteers at AOPA’s Summit in Palm Springs, Oct. 11-14.  Bring a friend and stop by the booth (#900) and hear about future plans to promote recreational aviation!

Submitted September 7, 2012.

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