Sleeping outdoors in an aircraft fuselage and a manmade survival hut for two nights in Marion, Mont., during the Surratt Winter Survival Clinic wasn’t enough for AOPA’s Alyssa Miller. The temperature was in the teens, and the snow was light.  She needed colder temps and more snow, so she turned to the Recreational Aviation Foundation.  RAF President John McKenna and Tricia introduced her to Montana flip flops—snowshoes.  In 10-degree Fahrenheit weather (cold for the East Coast native), the trio and two four-legged companions trekked over two feet of snow around Hyalite Lake.  Now, Miller is ready to trade in her beach flip flops for some Redfeathers.

Check out Miller’s blog at http://blog.aopa.org/blog/?cat=123 for a behind-the-scenes look at her Montana winter survival experience.  The survival clinic is sponsored by the Montana Aeronautics Division and is attended by student pilots as well as seasoned pilots.  Miller said, “this is training that every pilot needs, regardless where you fly”.  

Submitted on January 26, 2012.

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