The NBAA show in Las Vegas was an interesting event for the RAF. While the focus of the show was surely aimed at the upper end “go fast” crowd, the RAF did very well there. Not the typical pilot that shows up and wants to know about which grass airstrip to land on, but rather those that stopped, looked at our booth and said “Now that is why I learned to fly.”

Our booth was staffed by RAF trade show vets Tim Clifford, Dan & Margie Prill, Tricia McKenna, Utah state liaison Wayne Loeber along with 1st timers Gordon Rock and Myron Porter. The combination was just right. We camped under the wing of an Aviat Husky display which included a brand new yellow with red trim Husky that attracted a good deal of attention. Harrison Ford, who was at NBAA to receive an award made a point to stop by, visit for a good long time, and to tell us how much he appreciates the efforts that the RAF is putting forth.

John McKenna participated in a panel titled the Presidents Panel that featured the heads of 9 aviation orgs. He was between Jack Pelton of EAA and Mark Baker of AOPA so guess we are at least in good company.

The RAF has earned it’s stripes thru the efforts of all of you and John merely gets the opportunity to represent you at these kinds of places. We have truly come of age and we believe there are good things in store for the RAF in the future.

Submitted on October 26, 2013.

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