John McKenna and a group of northeast RAF liaisons and supporters met recently in New Hampshire. Greg Pecoraro of AOPA joined McKenna and RAF Liaisons John Zanchi, NH; Bob Burley, VT; John Nadeau, MA; Russ Holland, NY; Andy Rowe, ME; Steve Mason, ME; Steve Williams, ME; Lisa Reece, ME.  AOPA will work with the RAF to let airstrip owners across the country know that the Recreational Use Statute has been passed and inform them of the improved situation. Publicizing this development should encourage more flying and lead to airstrip owners becoming more comfortable welcoming folks in.

In addition to RUS passage, Liaisons discussed other regional RAF projects.

The RAF has always been committed to “leave no trace” use of destinations. The more committed message of, “Leave it better than you found it,” will be emphasized throughout RAF membership and wider communities.

John McKenna was on his way to Washington, DC when he decided to drop in and meet with the group listed above.  John attended the GA Caucus. Featuring backcountry flying – The D.C. meeting was well attended by industry reps such as AOPA, EAA, RAF and others. Harrison Ford covered the effect that ATC tower closures will have on aviation safety. His 12-minute video featured flying the backcountry in his Beaver, and the freedom and appreciation associated with this type of flying. We couldn’t have asked for a better presentation validating the RAF mission.

Submitted March 28, 2013.

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