Blue skies and warm temperatures brought John McKenna to St. George, Utah in mid-April for a week of mountain biking and hiking with his family, but they ended up with a real bonus to their trip.  Longtime RAF supporter and friend, Gordon Rock and his wife Shirley were at their home in St. George, the same week.  Following a week of mountain biking and hiking John took a break and headed to the airport with Gordon.

If you really want to get the flavor of an area (at least from a pilot’s point of view) the best thing to do is hang out at the airport and meet the locals.  And that’s just what John and Gordon did.  Have you ever met a pilot that doesn’t like to tell you about their project or just talk about flying?  Driving to the airport in Hurricane, where Gordon currently keeps his airplane while waiting for the new St. George airport to be completed, allowed time for the two to catch up on what has been going on in one another’s respective lives.  Actually, that’s just code for more flying talk.

A tour around Zion National Park and many other local features, followed by a brief stop at the new St. George airport provided a perfect day.  Gordon’s Highlander proved to be the ideal machine for viewing the impressive red rock country that surrounds this area.

As the McKenna’s pack up to return home to Montana, John is reminded how precious flying and friends really are.  We are so fortunate to have great flying in this country and even more fortunate to have great friends to share it with.

Submitted on April 24, 2011.

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