The Recreational Aviation Foundation has learned that Kansas House Bill 2184 is now law.  The Bill adds noncommercial aviation activities to the Kansas Recreational Use Statute.  The bill passed the House 118 – 3 and passed the Senate 39 -0 and was signed by the governor on April 8th and becoming effective July 1, 2011.  

This was entirely the effort of Representative Carl Holmes who owns a Mooney and is a member of the RAF.

Click here to read the legislative history. 

RAF had been attempting to follow the progress of HB 2184 on the web site.  The site had some confusion as to the bill number, showing it as HB 2187.  Once RAF noted this discrepancy a little investigating showed that the Bill had passed in April but had not been updated on the web site.

On behalf of private airstrip owners, and the entire aviation community, RAF thanks Representative Holmes for amending the Kansas Recreational Use Statute to include aviation.

The Recreational Aviation Foundation is actively pursuing such amendments with a goal of enacting such in all 50 states.  This legislation provides a degree of liability protection to private airstrip owners who may now be more willing to provide access to their airstrips.  Permission is still required.   Kansas becomes the tenth state to enact such legislation.   

Submitted on December 9, 2011.

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