I love the RAF’s purpose, its impact on general aviation, and the way it has ignited enthusiasts to go enjoy the magic of flight in places of spectacular beauty.

I admire the organization’s ethos: Do what you do extremely well, but never let go of a campfire culture. 

I am inspired by the community of people the RAF has brought together. When you put on your orange gear or see someone in theirs, you have found a friend. And that will lead to more friends. And pretty soon you’ll be at a fly-in and you’ll think, “haven’t I known these people my whole life?” How many homes have been opened to me, or airstrips, or moments of good counsel about flying and life because of this community? More than I can count.

I’m grateful for the RAF and the people who put their time into making it work for all of us. That’s why I give, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting the RAF mission.

– Joe Brown, President of Hartzell Propeller

Submitted on December 27, 2018

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