In mid-December we sent you, our valued RAF members, our year-end appeal. We received armfuls of mail from generous supporters located all over the U.S. We are happy to report that contributions to our organization are up significantly from last year. We know you have many choices when it comes to year-end giving, and we greatly appreciate each and every contribution you sent. 

Many of you included hand-written, thoughtful comments on the reply card. You may recall that we posed these questions to you:

How are we measuring up? What will make you glad that you support the RAF?

We’d like to collectively thank all members who took the time to submit responses. We received much positive feedback, including, “Doing great! Keep those grass strips open!” and “Keep fighting the fight! Thanks for all you do!”

Some of your suggestions made us smile: “Coffee and donuts daily at the Bozeman Pilot Shelter!!” and some suggestions we sent along to individual State Liaisons for future consideration: “I would be very happy if you could fight for getting (Washington State’s) Cypress Island Airstrip opened again. Owned by the state already; they are trying to plant trees to stop it for good.”

As we head into our 15th year of preserving, maintaining and creating airstrips for recreational access, we feel more supported than ever by our 8,000+ strong membership. 

Thanks for believing in what we do and giving your time, energy and money to our cause. If you have not yet sent in your end of the year contribution, please do so at your convenience.

Recreational Aviation Foundation

John McKenna, Chairman

on behalf of RAF volunteer leadership, State Liaisons and Ambassadors

Submitted on January 29, 2018

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