There are many fun upcoming events on the RAF calendar to attend! From Arkansas to Massachusetts, the following June events will have an RAF volunteer present:

June 2-3: Skypark Aviation Festival, UT;
June 3: Third Annual Trigger Gap Fly-Out, AR;
June 8: Adams County Airport Hamburger Social, WI;
June 9-11: Ryan Field Work Party, MT;
June 9-11: Murrow Field Fly-In, NM: Anniversary Celebration*;
June 15-17: Johnson Creek Fly-In, ID: Anniversary Celebration*;
June 16-19: Aviators/Pioneers of Alaska Expedition, AK;
June 17: Meadow Creek Work Party, MT;
June 17: McKenzie Bridge State Airport Work Party, OR;
June 17: Gravelly Valley Airport Work Party, CA;
June 17: Summerfest 2023 Fly-In, ND;
June 17-18: Jerry Terlisner Memorial Father’s Day Fly-In
June 23-24: 20th Anniversary Fly-Ins: Ryan Field, MT; Winifred, MT; Katama, MA; Cavanaugh Bay, ID; Locomotive Springs, UT; Swank Fields, OH; Cornucopia, WI*

The RAF will be at Oshkosh again this year! Join us at the Hartzell Booth on Tuesday morning, July 25, for coffee and donuts from 9-11. Stay tuned for more information about where to find us at Oshkosh.

*Click here to view more information about our Anniversary Fly-In locations and dates.

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