Each month we highlight an airstrip where the RAF has had involvement. We hope that you will get out and enjoy these airstrips. This month’s Featured Airstrip is McKenzie Bridge Airport (00S) in Oregon.

McKenzie Bridge Airport in the Central Oregon Cascades is popular with recreational aviators. It provides access to the McKenzie River, mountain bike trails, and remote camping. “Following the inspirational example set by the long term commitment of Oregon Pilot Association and RAF members Paul and Rob in Ehrhardt, volunteers have been instrumental in maintaining and improving the McKenzie Bridge airport,” RAF Oregon Liaison Richard Mayes said. “Our efforts have been acknowledged by both the Oregon Department of Aviation and the US Forest Service. The positive outcomes at McKenzie Bridge demonstrate how collaboration between the RAF and public land managers can benefit the recreational aviation community,” he added.

For the past three years Mayes has organized at least two volunteer work parties each year to perform maintenance and safety improvements at the airport.

McKenzie Bridge Airport has primitive camping available on the airfield with a pit toilet, but no potable water. Across the adjacent highway is a USFS campground with facilities. There is walking access to the McKenzie River for fishing, kayaking, or rafting. From the USFS campground, there is access to the 25 miles long McKenzie River trail for hiking or world-class single-track mountain biking. The RAF works in collaboration with the Oregon Department of Aviation to maintain this beautiful airport.

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  1. Jeff Thompson on October 1, 2021 at 9:05 am

    McKenzie Bridge is just one of the many Oregon airfields that Oregon liaison Rick Mayes oversees and helps to manage for the RAF. His efforts are tremendous at maintaining, restoring and encouraging the flying publics continued use of these grass fields. McKenzie bridge is a special place that is wonderful for all skill levels. This beautiful strip is not without challenges for the newer pilots, yet continues to provide fun opportunities for the more experienced aviators. The surrounding area as you mentioned is just about as scenic as any in Oregon. The new RAF picnic table and fire ring are great additions. McKenzie Bridge is one of my favorite places to fly into and I along with many others appreciate the RAF’s continued support. Thanks again to the RAF and Rick Mayes for your continued work at, and promotion of back country flying in Oregon.

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